PIPER DOLL SILICONE SERIESNotice of new options and related costs for Piper Doll Silicone Sereis

パイパードールシリコーンシリーズPiper Doll SiliconeSereisの新しいオプションと関連費用の通知

HARD HANDthe range of hardening is the fingers,the entire palm and the above the wrist.Because it is handmade,the height of the hardening above the wrist canot be accurately it depends on the actual shipment situation.The advantages of hard hand:
When the doll is in a related posture supported by the palms,it is less likely to cause palm tear,and the finger bones are ,also relatively diffcult to break,which protects the entire hand better.
Thw disadvantage is that the touch is harder.


HARD FEETStanding up feet all change to hard feet
The range of hardening is toes,soles and the part above the ankles.The height above the ankles cannot be accurately controlled.it. depends on the actual production situation.The advantages of hard feet:
Better for protect the soles when standing and to eliminate the problems of imperfection,easy to damage soles and the floor caused by the original screw exposed standing feet.Unless the customer insists on the original screw standing feet, all will be changed to the hard feet with extra cost. If the customer insists on the original screw to stand, we will not compensate for the damage to the feet caused by the screw due to improper transportarion.